Jenna Culliton

Collecting Pantones

Collecting Pantones

A database of Pantone colors collected from objects I interact with on a day-to-day basis. Each color is broken down into: hue, CMYK and RGB values, hex #, temperature, object the Pantone is derived from, the emotion I have associated with it, and lastly Pantone name


Outlining each Pantone and its 7 sub-categories.

See the full spreadsheet, here.

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A static visualization of the collected data in the form of a printed poster created in Illustrator.

Download the poster, here — for a closer look.


 An interactive interface of the data. 

Taking the visualization and transforming it into an interactive app that allows a user to sort through individual data points.  The app provides the user with ability to see the direct source of the color from the photo I took, see the color's properties, and the option to search for specific color qualities and be presented with the data that best matched the search inputs. 



An animated interface of the app. 

The animated sequence demonstrates a possible interaction a user could have when exploring the database.